The Great American Ammo Crisis is Upon Us and Could be PERMANENT

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America’s economy is in real trouble. Inflation is out of control as prices for gas, food and just about everything else skyrockets. Experts predict that if things don’t stabilize soon, the country could be on the verge of TOTAL economic collapse.

And with global tensions rising and the governments policies failing, many Americans have a sick feeling in their guts that a real financial doomsday is just around the corner.

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From the Desk of Keith Jacobs


Dear Fellow Patriot,
Our country is in real trouble. To put it simply, many experts believe the U.S. Dollar is DOOMED and the entire American economy is on the verge of total collapse.

I know this may seem far-fetched but stay with me and I’ll walk you through the facts that are sitting right in front of us all…Should we choose to see them.

Let me lay it all out for you now…

Over the past few decades, our country has been borrowing money at an unbelievable rate. As a matter a fact, very soon we will no longer be able to afford even the interest on these loans.

You may say "so what?" the government can just print more money…

Unfortunately, that's what they've been doing for years, and the result is a runaway train that's bearing down on society.

FACT #1: 40% Of ALL Dollars in Existence Have Been Printed Since the Start Of The Covid-19 Pandemic Through The Various “Stimulus” Programs.

Let’s re-examine what I just said. The U.S. Dollar has been in existence since 1785 and 4 of every 10 Dollars ever printed were done so since 2020!

That’s not only astounding… It is downright reckless and criminal!

The government has dug such a deep hole of debt that even if every single American was taxed 100 percent on their income, it still wouldn't be enough to balance the budget.

We'd still have to borrow more from China and other countries…

Have you ever heard that reported in the traditional mainstream media? I know I haven't.

FACT #2: America’s National Debt Has Reached a Breaking Point... It’s No Longer Feasible that it Can be Paid Off and Our Creditors are Getting Anxious…

The official national debt of the USA currently sets at nearly $28.6 TRILLION! That comes out to a whopping $184,826.73 per American taxpayer!

But the REAL National Debt is actually much worse than what the government recognizes. According to Truth in Accounting…

The actual national debt is over to $146 TRILLION!
This means if the government wanted to force every single taxpayer to pay their part to cover the national debt it would come out to $951,000 each!

I’m not sure about you, but I don’t have nearly a MILLION dollars sitting around to bail out the government and their out-of-control spending.

How can the REAL debt be so much higher than what the “media” routinely reports?

That’s because the government uses “smoke and mirrors” accounting that allows them to leave out important debt numbers.

The truth is the U.S. government now owes MORE dollars than actually exist!

What Happens When Other Countries Realize That Our Government Can NEVER Repay the Debts We've Borrowed?

The answer is easy to see, yet hard to stomach. Nations like China will be forced by investors to abandon the dollar as the currency standard.

The value of the dollar will plummet seemingly overnight…Meaning that the price of, well, basically everything will skyrocket in cost.

Perhaps most importantly, the cost of fuel will go through the roof. The price of oil could go up as much as 3000% in the blink of an eye!
Food will become scarce and incredibly expensive…forcing a potential “pandemic” of starvation!

Prices for ordinary items like milk, bread, cereal, and baby food will be unimaginable.

Skyrocketing fuel prices will also lead to food shortages because the ‘just in time’ inventory systems that Wal-Mart,
Kroger, Target and almost every other grocery store in America uses today.

The shelves in stores are only stocked for three days and another truck comes in to refill them.

What happens if gas is no longer available for their trucks? The trucks stop running! Shelves don't get restocked.

And to compound the problem, the nearly 44 million Americans that the government has been feeding via food stamps will suddenly be without...

What happens when the government can no longer feed them?

Then you're left with empty grocery shelves, government-enforced food rationing and widespread rioting, looting and angry gangs invading homes stealing food and supplies.

FACT #3: America’s Billionaires are Preparing for a Total Collapse by Building Massive Bunkers Around the World to Escape when Things Go Bad!

You probably haven’t seen this on the mainstream news, but America’s super rich are building their multi-million dollar “escape bunkers” to retreat to when the collapse unfolds.

Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and just about every other billionaire you can think of now have their secret fortresses in places like New Zealand, the Bahamas and in remote places in America.

They have their helicopters and private jets fueled up ready at a moment’s notice to GET THE HELL OUT OF DODGE and into their secret fortresses to escape the angry mobs that will be coming for them.
If you think this sounds farfetched you should think again. This has already happened multiple times in world history and the United States is following a similar path…

Remember the old saying…

Those Who Don’t Learn from History are DOOMED to Repeat it…

Let me take just a moment here to formally introduce myself. My name is Keith Jacobs. You may know me from one of my websites including or

Or you may have seen my warning messages on sites like World Net Daily, The Blaze and other patriot publications and email newsletters.

Some refer to me as a doomsayer. While others call me a champion of truth.

I don’t really care for labels as long people wake up, listen to the truth and take whatever action is necessary to protect themselves and the ones they love.

Because when this economic Armageddon unravels and the wealth of 99% of Americans disappears overnight, people will unbearably suffer.

I’ll be the first to admit that I hope and pray that I am wrong about all of this. I love this country and I’m a proud patriot.

With that said, I’m also a prepper and I don’t think it is wise for anyone to blindly ignore all the facts you’ve just read and hope that the government just bails us out again and again.

That’s why I’ve spent the last 18 months researching and consulting with experts to develop the ultimate plan for not only surviving the coming economic collapse but THRIVING during and after it happens.

And I’m so happy to be able to offer you one of the first 500 copies for FREE today…

The Great American Ammo Crisis is Upon Us and Could be PERMANENT

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Inside this powerful guide, you will learn things like…
  • The 5 Undisputed RED FLAGS of an Impending Catastrophic Economic Collapse (4 out of these 5 warning signs are already checked off and the final one could occur any day now.)
  • One simple way to look for warning signs of a full-scale economic Armageddon BEFORE it happens to prevent it from destroying you and your family. 
  • Learn 16 Strategies to Prepare Yourself and Your Family to Not Just Survive but THRIVE During and After a Worst-Case Collapse Scenario.  
  • ​Why the Dollar is DOOMED and could Trigger the Greatest Economic Collapse in History (the writing has been on the wall for some time – experts believe it’s not a matter of “if” but “when” the dollar is pronounced DEAD!)
  • ​Exactly how to the Dollar lost 99% of its Purchasing Power and why might signal the downfall of America’s place as the world’s economic leader. 
  • Learn Why Storing ALL Your Wealth in a Traditional Bank Account is Downright Dangerous and Learn 6 Proven Alternatives that Could Shield Your Savings During and After a Collapse!
  • ​How the Covid-19 Pandemic Combined with Biden’s Socialist Policies have created the Perfect Storm and have the U.S. Economy on a Downward Spiral Towards Rock Bottom.
  • ​On page 35, You’ll Learn about ONE Important Government Document You’ll Want to Bring Up to Date for Your Entire Family in the Event the Worst-Case Scenario Unfolds (hint: most Americans do NOT have this ready!)
  • ​On page 55 you’ll learn exactly why in a full-scale collapse you should have alternatives to cash but why you should NOT rely on one commonly recommended commodity (hint: in the 1930s the federal government confiscated this from American citizens and legally they can do it again when crisis strikes!). 
  • ​Learn 11 items that will be worth their weight in gold and are great cash alternatives in a post Economic Armageddon event plus learn skills that allow you to essentially “print your own” money in the new world.
  • How to Survive a Worse-Case Collapse of the U.S. Economy. Learn the 22 principles you and your family must implement ASAP to be prepared for the end of life as we know it in America.
The above are just a few samples of the valuable, life-saving information you’ll learn in this guide to surviving any financial meltdown event.

But let me take a moment to point something out – You do NOT need to be wealthy to survive the Economic Armageddon if you follow the simple advice in this must-have book.

You don’t need to have loads of cash hidden in your mattresses or freezer and you don’t need to have gold buried in the backyard.

Follow the advice in this book and you’ll have peace of mind that your family is prepared for this seemingly inevitable crisis.

Look, I’ve put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into the creation of this book and I’ve worked my tail off to find a publisher brave enough to put it into print and hopefully I’ll be able to eventually recoup the small fortune I put into getting in to made.

My publisher has told me they plan to eventually sell The Great Dark Threat for as much as $39.99...

…But with the threat of a full-blown financial Armageddon event having never been greater, my goal is to get this book into the hands of as many Americans as possible.

Fortunately, I’ve worked closely with our publisher to be able to offer up the first batch of 500 books for FREE. 

All you need to do is cover the modest price of shipping & handling, and I’ll ship the book to your doorstep ASAP!

The Great American Ammo Crisis is Upon Us and Could be PERMANENT

Claim a FREE Copy of AMMO INDEPENDENCE Today and Learn How to Survive ANY Ammo Crisis and Build Your 10k Bullet Stockpile!

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And if you decide to act right now, I’m going to include the following special bonus add-on…

BONUS: Recession Survival Secrets

Even if the worst-case scenario Economic meltdown I’ve laid out on this page doesn’t come to fruition, we’re at the very least going to face a long-drawn-out recession.

Most likely, this recession will last for YEARS into the future due to the fallout of the pandemic globally. It doesn’t take an economist to realize that bills will soon come due on the enormous magnitude of money that governments around the world spent on bailouts and stimulus programs.

That’s why you’ll want this FREE bonus PDF report called Recession Survival: How to Profit from an Economic Recession. This guide teaches you real, actionable steps to ensure you are not just able to sustain yourself through a prolonged recession – but you’ll be in position to prosper from it.

This guide on its own has sold for $17, but you get it FREE as a thank you for claiming your complimentary copy of ECONOMIC ARMAGEDDON today.

The Great American Ammo Crisis is Upon Us and Could be PERMANENT

Claim a FREE Copy of AMMO INDEPENDENCE Today and Learn How to Survive ANY Ammo Crisis and Build Your 10k Bullet Stockpile!

What Our Customers have to Say About Us…

“Biden’s policies have been disastrous, and I think he is leading us into a world of hyperinflation and financial ruin. I’ve had a sickening feeling in my stomach for a while now and as prices for everything keep going up, I’ve been looking for something to get ready and this book seems like the real deal.”
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Don’t be Blindsided by this Coming Total Economic Collapse – Get this FREE Book Now to Get Prepped!

Look I know the picture I’ve painted on this page is downright scary and can be depressing.
And I openly admit that a miracle could happen, and we might avoid this worst-case-scenario…

But I wouldn’t count on it. Getting my FREE book is your answer to getting yourself, your family and all of those closest to you prepared for this “end of life as we know it” catastrophic collapse of our economy.

At this point, as I see it, you have 3 options…

1 – You can ignore the writing on the wall and hope that things don’t get worse.
Hope that the dollar can survive the out-of-control inflation that is upon us due to outrageous government spending, Covid bailouts and an insurmountable national debt. 

While miracles are nice and maybe the government has one more bailout in them, I wouldn’t count it. 

I prefer to be prepared for anything and everything to protect myself, my family and my home. 

2 – Accept the grim situation we face, do your own research  and come up with your own plan to survive the death of the dollar and a total economic collapse in the USA.

This is certainly better than option #1, but do you really have the time and patience to be able to do that?

And will you be able to cover all of the bases in your plan? Are you confident that the research you do will be current, reliable and accurate enough to trust?

If you choose this option I commend you…but wouldn’t it be a lot easier if you just saved months of research and grabbed a copy of my FREE book to get started?

3 – Get “Economic Armageddon” for FREE today and start preparing immediately. 
You won’t have to guess. You don’t have to research. Just get the book and turn to the chapter that you’re most interested in learning about and get started ASAP.

This will give you the peace of mind that you’re doing everything you can to protect yourself and your family from these coming unprecedented hard times.

While others are scavenging or looting to feed their families or waiting in long government bread lines you’ll have a fool-proof plan to protect yourself, your family and your assets.

There’s no risk to you in claiming this FREE book. The book doesn’t cost you ONE red cent so there’s no reason not to grab a copy “just in case”.

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I am more than confident that you will be amazed at the amount of helpful and actionable information you will find within this short, but value-packed book.

And I sincerely hope it helps you become more resilient and self-sufficient in long-term survival planning.

Thanks for your time and best of luck,

Keith Jacobs,
Survival & SHTF Preparedness Expert
P.S. Just in case you’ve been skimming this letter, I am offering to send you a copy of my “ECONOMIC ARMAGEDDON” book for FREE (just cover the small shipping and handling fee). Inside you will find out how survive a worst-case scenario complete meltdown of the U.S. economy. Experts predict we could see the death of the dollar and trillions in lost wealth if the worst-cases scenario unfolds. Get this book today to get your family prepared to face this terrifying, but real possibility!

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